Saturday, July 21, 2012

Salafi or Salafreaky?

Former MP Ali Wanees arrested for fondling woman in parked car. 

Let me begin by stating that I am not necessarily against a couple "hooking up" in a parked car. I mean, it happens a lot and they aren't hurting anyone so I don't find it to be an issue.

However, when you are a Salafi who is against such actions and may even criticize or criminalize such actions and then you get caught doing them, then you are fair game in my eyes.

According to Al Jazeera news:

"An Egyptian court has sentenced a former MP to a year in prison for public indecency, after police said they found him fondling a woman on his lap in a parked car at night.

Ali Wanees was sentenced on Saturday to a year in prison for the incident and six months for abusing the policemen, while the woman involved got a six month jail term.

Police said in a report that the man was touching and caressing the woman when they approached him while parked alongside an agricultural road outside Cairo last month.

Wanees has denied the charges, saying that he pulled the car over to assist his ill niece. Police claim that he is not her uncle.

The police report claims Wanees called the officers "sons of dogs" when they knocked on his window asking to see his license and registration.

Wanees' whereabouts are unknown and he was tried in absentia and is allowed a retrial.

The court sentenced the woman he was with, who has been in custody for about a month, to six months in jail. She also has the right to appeal.

Wanees once sat in parliament as part of a Salafi-led coalition headed by the Nour Party, which won 25 per cent of seats in the lower house before it was dissolved late last month."

I must say the "Sons of Dogs" comment sounds much better and less ridiculous when you say it in Arabic, but that's beside the point. The point that I hope this article will make is that hypocrisy, sexual repression and politics religion seem to go hand in hand (in hand). Need I remind you about the Catholic Church?

I find that the more sexually repressed people are, (especially sexually repressed people who want to sexually repress others), the more sexually deviant they become. I have no scientific evidence to prove this (maybe you can google Freud or Kinsey), it's just an observation I'm making based on events that occur. (Wait, that might be somewhat scientific?)

Also, before I get attacked in the comments, let me just say that I am not brushing all religious and sexually repressed people with the same stroke. I am just saying, if you are sexually repressed and this is due to religion and you try to push your views on others, you're probably less Salafi and more Salafreaky.

The United Nations and the Veto.

In the wake of many humanitarian crises the world frequently turns to the United Nations to uphold international law that deems human suffering and oppression by governments as a crime. The United Nation's Universal Declaration of Human Right's first article states:

"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood."

With such a declaration, one would assume that all the countries in the UN would have equal rights as well. Not so. In actuality the United Nation's Security Council has more power than all the other member countries. There are 5 permanent countries in the UN Security Council and 10 temporary members, whose membership lasts one year. The 5 permanent members are: The United States, the United Kingdom, France, China and Russia. These 5 nations have unmatched power that allows them to control which resolutions can pass or not, regardless of a majority or unanimous vote from all other members. This power is known as the veto.

The veto power has long been criticized by the people who suffer because of it. The most recent case of the devastating effects of the veto power is in Syria. Several resolutions that would allow stronger and more specific sanctions on individuals in the Syrian regime, which would in turn strangle the murderous regime of Bashar Al-Assad and subsequently reduce (if not end) the heinous bloodshed of his people, have been vetoed by Russia and China (allies of Assad).

Without the veto power of the UN Security Council, the aforementioned resolutions would have passed and the death toll in Syria may not be where it is today. As such, it is time to seriously consider the validity and usefulness of the veto power.

Just think, if you were being ruthlessly attacked and tortured by your government would you want the allies of your government to have the ability to block any resolution that may save your life? I think not.

I say, Veto the Veto!