Saturday, April 2, 2011

What if Arab women had a "Gulabi Gang"?

The Gulabi (Pink) Gang is a vigilante group of Indian women led by Sampat Pal Devi, a brave woman and one of The Guardian's Top 100 Women. Sampat was married at the age of 11(!!!!!!) and has 5 children.

The members of the Gulabi Gang provide justice for women abused by their husbands, fathers or in-laws. Abused women come to Sampat Pal Devi to tell their horrific stories, and Sampat and her Gulabi Gang take justice into their own hands. Armed with long wooden sticks, the Gulabi Gang find the offenders and try to verbally solve the issue between the woman and the abusers first. If the woman who was abused returns to the Gulabi Gang claiming further abuse, the Gulabi Gang find the abusers and beat them as they beat the women. Now, I know my blog is called Peace is the New Black and I'm not saying I endorse this behavior, I'm simply asking what if Arab women did the same thing?

Imagine a massive amount of Arab women marching to find abusive men and giving them a taste of their own medicine! (LOOOOL) I must admit, the thought of such a sight brings a huge smile to my face. I wonder what color our gang would be? I sure as hell hope its not black! Been there, done that, not into it. Maybe red?

What do you think? Should there be an Arab 'Gulabi' Gang? What would happen if there was?

Here are some more pictures of the Gulabi Gang I couldn't resist posting, and also a longer more in-depth video on the Gulabi Gang if you are interested.

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