Sunday, October 16, 2011

Occupy the World

The Occupy Wall Street protests have inspired other "Occupy (insert location here)" protests in countries all over the world. Recent reports state that the Occupy movement has spread to 82 countries so far.

Occupy protests have taken place in London, Rome, Chile, Tokyo, Madrid and Berlin, to name a few. The world's spirit of revolution was awakened in 2011. Starting with the protests in the Arab world that turned in to the Arab Spring to the protests in New York City that spread everywhere; we are the 99% and we have had enough.

The protests in Rome attracted more media attention than any other city. This was due to the protest's violent nature. The protest organized by the Occupy movement was peaceful until anarchists (known as the "Black Block") appeared and began tearing up pieces of cobblestone from the street to hurl at buildings and the police, reports TIME. Furthermore, the anarchists burned several buildings and cars with Molotov cocktails. Occupy protesters were forced to barricade themselves in side streets or run for cover.

Aside from the unfortunate incident in Rome, the other protests across the world were largely peaceful. I found some photographs of several of the protests that took place yesterday, October 15, 2011 the Global "Day of Rage".

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Frankfurt, Germany

Julian Assange of Wikileaks in London, England

Brussels, Belgium

Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

Vancouver, Canada

Tokyo, Japan

Santiago, Chile


Occupy Wall Street

Los Angeles, CA

Seattle, WA

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  1. Great job pulling these images together! 15 pictures tell 15,000 words ...