Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gulf States and the Revolutions

Will the wave of revolutions in the Arab world spread to the Gulf states? 

Well, it has already spread to Bahrain in a big way, but some argue that this is the influence of Iranians or Shiites, but this is untrue. First of all, the Bahraini protesters made it a point to state that its not about Shiites or Sunnis; its about Bahrainis. Secondly, the people of Iran themselves are also protesting their repressive government (but they are being brutality silenced). These arguments are being used by the monarchies of the Gulf states to play to the fears of their US allies.

The truth is that the all of the young generations of the Middle East are experiencing a new awakening; we are losing fear and gaining hope, we want freedom, democracy and dignity. We are placing less importance of sectarianism and are moving towards a more liberal and inclusive government.

As a young woman from Kuwait, I worry that this new awakening may not reach the Gulf or that any new political movement will exclude equality for women from its demands.

What do you think? Will the revolutions spread to the other Gulf states, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE and Oman? Should they?

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