Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rape Victim Silenced

These videos are what inspired me to start a blog.

The video shows a Libyan woman who ran into a hotel in the Libyan capital Tripoli, where journalists were staying closely monitored by Gaddafi's thugs. The woman in the video is Iman Al-Obeidi and she was claiming that 15 of Gaddafi's thugs raped, defecated and urinated on her for two days. As journalists were trying to interview her, you see Gaddafi's men taking her away to God knows where. My thoughts are with her right now, although I fear the worst may have already happened.

If you would like to do something to help or vent about this horrific scene, there is a Facebook page dedicated to her: Free Iman Al-Obeidi.

If your really pissed off (or maybe a little tipsy) you can call the hotel in the video, (RIXOS Hotel) and tell them how you feel about the way Iman was treated - Reception: 00218213622902  Manager: 00218914501693

Either way, something like this should not go unchallenged.


  1. Me and Jonathan both read your blog. We both LOVE it. Jonathan told me to tell you that he really enjoyed it as well.
    GOOD JOB! Its great!!! Keep up the good work. And you are a great writer so you most definitely should write a book!!!!

  2. awww thank you guys sooo much!! i really appreciate it ... ur a great writer two .. can't wait for ur book ... i want the FIRST copy! lol