Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saudi Woman Arrested for Driving

UPDATE #3: After practically stalking Manal she has now been arrested and taken with her brother by 4 cars with 9 people from the Secret Police (in plain clothes) to Al-Thahran Police Stationn according to @Women2Drive. #FreeManal

UPDATE #2: After being freed, police came to Manal's home and have been banging on the door. Situation developing.

UPDATE #1: Manal has been freed, yet she had to WALK home. Women of Saudi are still NOT free. The revolution is just beginning.

The woman behind the Twitter page @Women2Drive (which declares that Saudi women will begin driving on June 17), Manal Al-Sharif drove in Khober, Saudi Arabia with her children, her brother and his wife and children. Her Twitter page 'live tweeted' her driving then being harassed by the vice 'police' who at
first wanted her to accompany them in their cars by herself. This is totally hypocritical as vice police would be against women being alone with men who are not their 'mahram' or male guardian.

Manal refused to go with them and was forced to follow them to the police station. Women2Drive's Twitter page has stated that a video of the incident will be posted soon. I will update this post with the video as soon as it becomes available.

We are all Manal Al-Sharif.

Below is a video of Manal driving in Saudi without incident. It was posted by Women2Drive on May 19, 2011, two days before Manal's arrest.

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