Friday, May 6, 2011

Women of the Syrian Revolution

Syrian women protest the government in Bayda

The Syrian revolution is turning out to be a bloody one. Bashar Al-Assad has ordered the massacre of thousands of Syrians whose chants repeat one word over and over; Silmeya, Silmeya (Peaceful, Peaceful). The role of women in the Syrian revolution is a significant one. When male protesters get arrested, their mothers, sisters and wives go out and protest their arrests, keeping the pressure on the government. Syrian women have also created a facebook page called the Syrian Women Revolution 2011, the page could use some more 'likes' so if you have facebook show your support.

I found a great video showing the women of Bayda, I couldn't embed it in the post so just click on this link here. Here is another video of the Syrian women protesting in the town of Bayda:

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