Friday, May 6, 2011

Saudi Women to Drive on June 17, 2011

Saudi women have decided to revive the movement of 1990 in which women drove in protest of the law banning women to drive. Although the movement two decades ago didn't succeed, the new spirit of the Arab Spring has awakened the women of Saudi Arabia. A twitter page dedicated to this movement has already been created and has been alerting major news agencies and networks of the Saudi women's plans to drive on June 17, 2011.

I find it amazing and inspiring that in Saudi Arabia, where there is arguably the least gender egalitarianism, women have taken a leadership role in spearheading the revolution. Saudi women have already demonstrated their revolutionary spirits by going to polls and demanding to vote, protesting and demanding the release of political prisoners and now by defying one of the most backward and unjustified laws present today.

This picture below illustrates what a Saudi women must go through to avoid being arrested (!!!) for driving.

Saudi woman disguised as a man

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  1. believe me !!
    the third pic is from a Saudi series which called '' amsha bint amash '' this things in pics didn't actually happen in Saudi Arabia , i'm a woman and i know that, most adult women in k.s.a are rejecting driving cars in kingdom .because it is something weird and not acceptable among all categories in saudi arabia .