Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another Day, Another Saudi Woman Arrested for Driving

Saudi woman in holding cell (via @RashaAlduwisi)
Saudi women in police waiting room (via @Maysa_M)

Ever since the arrest of Manal Al-Sharif, the Saudi women who was detained for 9 days for driving her own car, many Saudi women have 'taken the wheel'.

Saudi women have started driving cars before the planned date of June 17. Reports and videos of Saudi women driving have popped up all over social media sites. Today, reports of Rasha Al-Duwisi's arrest surfaced. Rasha Al-Duwisi was with four other women driving in a empty sandlot in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia when they were approached by six officers who told them that they should not be driving and subsequently took her to the police station.

Photo of police from inside the car Rasha was in (via @Masya_M)

Rasha had to wait in the police station for a male guardian to come get her, then the officers gave her the option to either walk home or sit in the passenger seat while her guardian drove.

Rasha was not the only woman to drive in Saudi after Manal's arrest. A Saudi woman named Laila Sindi posted a tweet that said, "my name is Laila Sindi from Jeddah, I drove my car yesterday for an hour, your sacrifices will not be lost, I love you".

Laila Sindi
Saudi women are taking matters into their own hands, and the wall of fear and shame is crumbling in a way no one could have imagined. Change is coming!

Twitter hashtag: #Women2Drive

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