Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Caption This: Arab Leaders

I found some pretty interesting pictures of Arab leaders while looking for pictures for a piece on Gulf monarchies. As I looked at the pictures, funny things popped into my head (or at least they were funny to me) and I thought of compiling the best ones and writing some captions.

If you feel like you have a funny caption for the pictures write them in the comments section. I hope to read some funny ones.

Saleh: Nervous laugh of embarrassment - Gaddafi: Dominant laugh of superiority
Aww look... they made a 'dictator heart shape' ...
"Hahaha .. we washed our hands clean! No one will ever know."
Mubarak: "You just have to kill 4,000 people to keep the rest quiet"
Assad: "Did Mubarak tell you about the 4,000 people?" Al-Khalifa: "Haha .. yes yes"
It's all about the (hand signal for money ^) 
Gaddafi: (Oohh I like their hats.... why is Sarkozy touching my ass?)
Styling by: Gaddafi, Hair by: Drugs (Female bodyguards are the model's own)
Mubarak: "This suit is not a luxury, it's necessary for people to remember my name."

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