Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kidnapped: A Gay Girl in Damascus

UPDATE: It turns out that the blog 'A Gay Girl in Damascus' was actually not written by Amina, it was written by Tom MacMaster, who claimed that the whole story about Amina was a hoax.

A few days ago, reports surfaced that Amina Abdullah, the blogger behind the blog A Gay Girl in Damascus was captured and detained by armed men in Syria. The Syrian government's brutal crackdown on protesters in the streets has spread to bloggers who choose to use their voice to bring awareness to the government's injustices.

Amina's blog

The blogger's cousin posted about the kidnapping of Amina Abdullah. Following the report of Amina's kidnapping, her true identity began to come under question. People began claiming that Amina Abdullah was not actually the blogger's real name, that 'Amina Abdullah' was a pseudonym. It turns out that Amina's real last name is Arraf, according to the Daily Mail's article about her.

It's understandable why 'Amina' would choose to be anonymous. I mean for God's sake, her blog is called "A Gay Girl in Damascus", enough said. Mona El-Tahawy, a columnist on Arab and Muslim issues, tweeted the perfect response to those who question Amina's identity.

All that matters is that a young girl was kidnapped by armed thugs and is currently missing just because she decided to blog about her reality. To help Amina please sign this petition, its very quick and easy. There is also a Facebook page dedicated to freeing Amina.

Twitter hashtag: #FreeAmina

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