Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hamza Al-Khateeb: Child and Symbol of Syria's Revolution

Hamza Al-Khateeb

Hamza Al-Khateeb was a 13 year old Syrian boy who was tortured and killed by Syrian government forces. His tragic and brutal death has made him a legacy and symbol of the Syrian revolution.

On April 29, Hamza was separated from his family during a government crackdown in Dara'a. A month later, Hamza's familly received his mutilated and decomposed body.

A snapshot from the video of Hamza's corpse

After receiving the body, Hamza's family videotaped his mutilated body and posted it on YouTube. (To watch the video click here) Once the video was made public, Hamza's family began receiving threats from the government. The threats were useless; the footage of Hamza's body had already gone public and people were furious. Hamza's story inspired new demonstrations all over Syria, with protesters chanting Hamza's name over and over.

Protesters holding up pictures of Hamza in Syria

Hamza's torture and murder will not be in vain. If anything, it has made the Syrian revolution stronger and gained more international support. If there ever was any doubt as to how low the Syrian government would stoop, here is your proof: they will kill children to stay in power.

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